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It's been over a year and a half since my last piece here on DeviantArt. During that time, I've sunk into depression like I could scarcely believe. I've come up with every excuse under the sun for why I couldn't write on a given day. I've felt often like I could never come back to writing, especially after so long a gap and certainly not while I still frequently suffer bouts of such crippling self-doubt, that I occasionally wonder what the point of my existence even is.

Then I realised something. Not only will my depression never alleviate itself, while I take no steps to accomplish anything I can be even passingly proud of; moreover, I have an obligation to finish what I started, in writing Echoes of an Age Past. Not only might there still be people who want to see the end of the journey the six adventurers are embarked upon, there are the characters themselves to consider. Who it was that originally said it escapes me, but it is true what is said; characters and stories take on a life of their own and authors are merely the conduit, by which they express themselves. Mark, Lucas, William, Lawrence, Nicky and last, but by no means least, Sophia... If I don't write their story, then no-one will. Stories WANT to be told; they exist FOR the telling, or else, they would not exist at all.

It may seem insane to say it, but to an author's mind, their characters frequently seem as real as the people they meet and talk to in the flesh. Somewhere along the line, knowing a character, from the inside out, every secret and ambition, every love and hate they possess, knowing every strength and weakness, where they triumph and where they fail, they take on a life of their own. They may not speak, but they have a voice. And even if I pushed them aside, and forsook them, they never gave up trying to be heard. Mark's honest and noble nature; Lucas's wry smirk for the entire world; Simon's taciturn and secretive manner; Lawrence's faith and devotion; Nicky's innocence and earnest, open heart; even Sophia's bitterness and hunger for recognition and purpose... All of them never gave up trying to be heard, in one way or another. So this story is theirs and imperfect as I am, as lazy, cynical, second-guessing, workshy and emotionally tumultuous, I'll do my level best to give them what they deserve.

And who knows? In the process, I might even make something that's halfway read-able and enjoyable for everyone else, as well.

I won't commit to a schedule, or deadline, as I know I'll only ignore, forget about, or otherwise break it... But it's time I at least tried to finish what I started and get rid of one of my regrets, at the very least. So, chapter 8, coming as soon as I can write it. Please don't hold your breath, as you may suffocate, but I beg your patience for just a little bit longer, if anyone is still watching this page.


Kyle Smith
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I hope you aren't giving up on your fanfic series. A story about someone who feels overshadowed by their near-flawless sibling is one that really captivates me. And sometimes I'm amazed at seeing what Nicky can do.
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Hey, it's been awhile hasn't it? How have you been since we last spoke? I hope you feel better than you did last time.
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